Featured StarCraft: Remastered Now Live!

Upgrade complete! StarCraft: Remastered , Blizzard Entertainment’s modernization of the science-fiction real-time strategy classic and its iconic expansion Brood War, is now live and available for purchase from the Blizzard Shop .

Featured Winter Comes Early for Hearthstone® in Knights of the Frozen Throne™

The icy shroud of death has fallen upon Hearthstone®—the Knights of the Frozen Throne™ expansion is here! The Lich King has come to the tavern in search of new Death Knights, and is offering unimaginable power in the form of 035 frosty new cards. Read the press release for further details.

Featured The Overwatch League Welcomes Two More Teams!

Two new teams have joined the Overwatch League—one representing London and another representing Los Angeles—bringing the total number of teams for the inaugural season to nine. See the press release to learn more about today’s announcement, and stay tuned to www.overwatchleague.com for the latest Overwatch League updates.

Featured Seven Overwatch League Teams Announced!

We’re pleased to announce that the Overwatch League has its first seven teams—representing Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami-Orlando, Shanghai, and Seoul—with a great mix of owners who come from the worlds of traditional sports, endemic esports, and technology. Check out the press release for all the details, and visit www.overwatchleague.com to stay up to date on the latest Overwatch League news.

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